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The Voters and Districts Won

April 9, 2013

Congratulations to tonight’s seven winners in Districts 208 and 96, and thanks to all candidates.  It takes special determination to campaign.  Since in these candidates, that determination is based on a desire to serve others, the mere campaign was itself noble.  Seven will now hold office and continue their service.  To them, thank you in advance for all of your time and energy, and best of luck as you work on our behalf.  With you go our hopes and aspirations.  Please be bold as you pursue them.

Meindl’s absurd obscurantism

December 21, 2012

Here is a reply to a very thoughtful letter by Ms. Frances Roach at the RB Landmark website:

Christopher FitzHenry Robling from Riverside, Illinois

Posted: December 21st, 2012 10:34 AM

dear ms. roach,

your letter is very powerful and much appreciated.  if one assumes this board is proud of what it did, then it is also undeniable that the board has an odd way of expressing its pride.

it has consistently failed to show the community why what it did makes sense.  it has placed obvious inconsistencies and  contradictions throughout the record.  it spent our tax dollars to prevent us from knowing what it did.  it pays the scariano law firm while the village is rife with conflict-of-interest rumors that it blithely refuses to address.  perhaps most disturbingly, it squelches its own public responsibility by hiding under the non-disclosure agreement from the second Battersby separation (“second” because this board botched the first separation, and so much else, to the detriment of the innocent, competent and victimized Susan Battersby).

thus the board tells us questions we ask, regardless of subject matter, get to items that fall w/in the Battersby NDA, and so they may not respond, and we must be quiet.

this tactic puts off-limits discussion of purely management (i.e., administration) and oversight (i.e., board) actions because the board says they must not discuss them.

this policy culminated in board president meindl’s “we will say no more, to heck with you” statement at the last meeting, made after she manipulated the agenda so that no one could reply to her — thus more squelching.  this is absurd and ashamed obscurantism.

i conclude the board is not proud.  it is scared stiff of anyone understanding its serial failures to oversee and the underlying serial failures to administer.

quite clearly, to all not digesting board kool aid in this Christmas season, a woman who served us well now despairs for her career, while a vicious prevaricator sits atop one of our schools.  in our name, this inversion has occurred.  and our board desperately wants us to forget it.  it is a Christmas wish that i think will not be granted.

best, c